Auto Shipping

Our team of professionals has extensive knowledge about international auto shipping. Seaway Export will have your vehicles picked up anywhere nationwide and delivered to one of our export facilities. Once your vehicle arrives, we will provide pictures and full condition report - which will be viewable in your online portal. If you are ready to ship - you simply notify us of which vehicles are ready, destination, consignee, and any other special requirments. We will handle the rest completed!!!

With many years experience we have mastered the craft of loading and packing containers. Seaway Export may fit up to as many as 6 compact sedans into a single container and as many as 3 full-size SUVs. However, we are not just limited to autos...

We also handle...

International Heavy Equipment Export

International Boat Export

International Motorcycle Export


Container shipping is by far the best shipping method for automobiles, motorcycles, atvs, boats, and jetskis. Container shipping is not only the most cost effective method of shipping, but it is also the safest. Seaway Export will pick up a container from one of the local ports, and deliver it to our facility for packing, loading, blocking and bracing. During the packing and loading process Seaway Export will document each step by taking pictures - this is insure our staff is handling your cargo with care.  Your cargo will be taken to our secured facility which is under survalliance with on site securty personel 24/7. As soon as your vehicle arrives to our facility it will be inspected and photographed for your peace of mind. When you are ready to ship your vehicle, let us know and we will do the rest. All while you watch from your computer screen!


This method of shipping your vehicle can be quick and cost effective. The major issue with choosing this method is there are a lot more movment of your vehicle involved increasing the risk of damage and theft. You also loose out on the oppurunity to receive full vehicle inspection with photographes for your peace of mind. However, we do insure your cargo to the port of exit and can offer extra insuranance for an additional cost.

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